Wet Shaming Tom Tom

I just had a call with Tomtom where we talked about how much fun it would be to shame him. Going out and mocking him for his size with my girlfriends watching and laughing as well. Getting the waitress get him a high chair for him. Making them mash his carrots for him and then feed him myself.
Then when we whined about it making him wear a diaper a pink skirt, and blue blouse and making him sit on my shoulders to take him home. putting him down in a onesie and giving him a baba to sleep.
Then as my baby at age Ten I would make him into a baby girl. With a big party making him a big diapered little girl. We giggled about how cutie he was gave her spankings when she was bad renamed her Tabatha. Making her go to school and other classes as a girl from then on. In her diapers she would go to ballet and little girl birthday parties. It would be so much fun!
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