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Age Regression w/ Baby Bri

Bri Bri called my up today for some age regression fun and boy was it! We started with the perfect scfiy backstory he came up with. Which was brilliant! I played Scientist and he was my boyfriend. We got chatting about work and stuff and how much we had missed each other and I asked him if I could use the *regresser* on him show him what wonderful scientist stuff id been up too, and it turned into me babying my boy… the naughty boy peed his pants once I turned him, must have been a side effect, but we didn’t mind, a little change into a nice soft diaper after getting those dirty things in the wash and my baby bri bri was giggling all over.

Hearing him giggle made me giggle too and I started to tickle my bri bri, and eat his little toes. Then Bri Bri found the regresser and pushed some button and next thing I know I am feeling like a baby myself and I have a peed pair of panties lucky for me Bri Bri knows how to change a girl right. He shifted my skirt up and found my soaking wet panties and took them off carefully and smelled them.

He liked the smell and that made me giggle naughty boys liked wet panties and he even put them on his head, it made me giggle more. Then Bri Bri took out the wipes to clean my “no no spots” it felt so good, they should really rename them “yes yes spots” hee hee. One of his fingers got lost in my “no no” and it felt good but he took it out eventually to put a new cloth diaper on my bottom.

Then he sprinkled powder on me and it was like it was snowing down there which made Bri Bri giggle. He pinned me up and we played a bit before he got stinky and it was all nice and warm but then we had to clean it up before it got to stinky… then Bri Bri had a naughty idea of what we could do with our “no noes” or at least mommy and daddy would call it naughty, but it was so much fun. Bri Bri even helped me get my shirt off so my boobies could be free in the winds heehee.

I sat with no diapys on Bri Bri’s “no noes” with my “no noes” mushing them together with Bri Bri’s peepee in me I bounced up and down my boobies bouncing every where, it felt so good. bouncing up and down and up and down. I even felt him make a warm mess in me right before he stopped making the fun noises.


Mommy Allison

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Diaper Punishments by Mommy

A day or so ago I had to be a mean mommy to baby Timmy. He was being naughty soiling his pants. So I made him sit in it, till I couldn’t take the whining anymore.
Then I put him back in diapers, with little girl panties. They where pink with little blue elephants printed on them. He whined about not being a baby, that he was a big girl, but I knew better. He’s a big old baby girly.
Then after all the trouble I went through to get him cleaned up he pooped big time in his diaper. I made him sit in it cause he complained that they where heavy. He tried to tell me he would get all dirty and that he didn’t want to. Mommy knows best… never forget that baby.
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Doing Naughty in his pants.


I spoke with Leonard and he did a naughty in his pants.  He loves a mom with special needs kids.  When we were on a call Leonard’s babysitter was downstairs she teases him and said he did a poopy.

The babysitter told Leonard he is too big to do it in his big boy pants.  I know two kids I baby sit for which are 8 and 12 and they go potty just in their pants  and all the other kids do not care.

Leonard walks funny when he does stinky his babysitter laughs a his silky pants.  Leonard has a sister named Sara when she goes to the bathroom she makes a potty face.  Leonard and Sara love being big kids in the day time.  Bye Bye for now Leonard!


Mommy Paula

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