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Baby Experiment with Mommy Belinda

I’ve always liked older men and I always liked to be the one in control. I used to practice Bdsm and back in high school I liked to go out to local bars near the offices and pick up the older men, I wasn’t happy unless he was balding or had gray hair.

They never carded me cause they all assumed that I was old enough if I was hanging off these old men. They would take me back to their place or a hotel if they had a wife and we would have so much fun. One night I decided I wanted to do something really crazy. I wanted to try and diaper my old men.

So I bought some old people diapers from the local grocery claiming they where for an elderly grandparent and shoved them in my purse that night. I decided on my mark, there was an old man with gray balding hair and a gut, he was perfect.

I needed a man who wouldn’t question this hot young girl. He had a drink and got me one of course and then while he was getting closer I put my hand on the inseam of his suit pants. And whispered in his ear that we could get closer if he took me some where private… And did everything I told him to do.

As they always do when I suggest we get to private quarters he immediately say goodbye to his coworkers and told them that he was escorting me home. They all groaned and said there goodbyes wishing it where them. He took me to a gorgeous hotel even better then any of the other men had taken me too, so I started to get a little nervous but I knew if I didn’t try tonight I might lose my nerve.

We got to our room and he started to undress me and kiss me all over. I made him stop told him that tonight he was mine and not the other way around. He took a step back and said “princess gets whatever she wants” and I told him “I am mommy, and you will call me nothing else!” He didn’t even blink before responding “yes mommy” I told him he needed to get undressed that it was bath time. He took his suit off as fast as he could and headed straight for the bath tub as I followed with a smile.

He he waited by the tub naked and said “do I get to have bubbles mommy?”
i looked at him and said “have you been a good boy?”
He said “aha”
and I said that good boys get bubbles, he smiled and I started the water. He started to yank on his cock as he wanted and I watched pleased for a moment and then took his hand. “What do you think your doing?”
“Sorry mommy” he said looking ashamed “do I still get bubbles?”
I told old him he could have bubbles once I gave him a spanking for being a bad boy, the bath running I took the old baby and I spanked his bottom pink with my bare hand. And when I felt he had enough I told him to get in the tub.

He did as he was told and I got out the soap and started to wash him getting us both all covered in bubbles, not wanting to ruin my dress I told him to play while mommy got more comfortable.

Then I took off my dress and under things leaving only my heels on, hanging my clothes and going right back to the bath. Bathing my big baby and my breast getting bubbles all over them as they bushed up against him, hitting him in the face at one point. Then I got to wash his private parts paying extra special attention to his balls, asshole and penis.

He had a hard time keeping from getting riled up and I’m sure that he got off in the tub at least once but all he said was “mommy that’s so nice I love it when you clean my peepee” then when I felt I was done I made him stand up so I could dry him off I even tickled him a little “that tickles mommy” he said though a giggle and then I grabed hold of his peepee with the towel and tugged to get it dry, making him hard again but I left it there staring at me.

Once I Had him all dry I took him to the bed and told him to lay down while mommy goes and gets his diaper. He lay there feet in the air playing with his toes giggling it was a perfect site to see. I put the diaper on him slowly not wanting to play to much with his little dicky again. Then I got up in the bed and told him we where going to read a story then it was bed time. I took out the little engine the could and read the whole thing cuddled up with him, he loved the pictures and I loved the feel of his diaper. Bottom against my naked skin.

When we where done with the book I told him it was time for baby to have his milk and he cuddled up and I placed my hard nipple in his mouth, feeling his hard peepee throught the diaper on my leg made me wet and I played with myself while he sucked and when I finished myself after what seemed like hours with my baby we feel asleep me with my hands on his diapered bottom and him with his hungry mouth still on my tit. It was the first time, but definately not the last.

Mommy Belinda

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