Naughty Playtime with Mommy Iris

Julie called Mommy after a little chattypo with wet panties… But they where not peed. Her little pee pee had gotten excited. Mommy helped her get her little pee pee hard. She made her play with that little thing till it made a big old mess. Those little pink panties with hearts covered in cummy.¬†
It made mommy so happy, Julie was such a good little girl for mommy. She told her mommy that she plays with herself and mommy told her that was naughty. I told her she should only do it with mommy’s permission. She was so cute and dirty, mommy needed to clean her.
She gave her the option and Julie chose mommies tongue instead of the wipies and mommy was so excited to do it. She is so cute and licking her tiny pee pee clean tasted so good.¬†Mommy even sucked it a little, she loves baby cock so much. Baby got a little spanking too. I can’t wait to talk with her again.
Baby Julie made mommy feels so good. I love my baby Julie. Kisses little girl!
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